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Different Journey’s same SEIDO Spirit and Belief – Adults Grading Tuesday 12th November 2019

The journey’s for each could not have been more different for Dylan and Marcelus…..
From a determined young adult getting through his first year at university to a hard working self employed dad with a loving family…
It was a difficult evening for both as they battled their way through a very physically challenging grading…
The emergent common denominator for both being, that they stepped onto the Dojo floor and have continued to train hard and contribute to the character of the Dojo…
Congratulations to you both, you did extremely well and thank you to all students and seniors for your ever present support…
Keep up with your efforts and dedication to your BUDO journey’s…….
Warmest regards
Ken Szeto and all at SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo

  • Station Village Complex
    Upstairs Studio (next to Laughalots Play Land)
    499 Hutt Road
    Lower Hutt
    Ken Szeto, Instructor