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A Fantastic 2024 Sydney Tournament Trip – Competition Day Challenges, Exploring Sydney, Endless Shopping, Perfect End of Tournament Dinner with Everyone – March 2024

It was another fantastic Sydney Tournament trip with the most FUN group of students and families…

The beautiful city of Sydney always a privilege and pleasure to be in and always packed full of new experiences and activities to enjoy…

Our base in Darling Harbour proving to be the best of locations for all to explore the many great shopping precincts, enjoy the great food and just people watch the hordes of human beings living their busy lives in the bustling CBD areas…

But best of all, enjoying the daily company and warm friendships of all the wonderful people and families in this group…and ending our trip with a perfect evening with an amazing group dinner in beautiful Darling Harbour….the evening setting topped off with a perfectly clear sky and warm weather..

Thank you to all for the many precious memories and the invaluable privilege of your friendships…


Tournament Day…a very challenging experience

The courage and enthusiasm of all our competing Dojo students was truly inspiring with all students demonstrating their kata and competing in sparring with true passion and total commitment…

The many Happy faces however reflecting the levels of elation of those students fortunate to achieve podium placings on the day….

Congratulations and Well Done to you all….


Tournament Results:

Traditional Forms – Individual KATA placings

  • Braxton Luamanu – 2nd place 7 years and under M&F
  • Willow Mckenzie – 2nd place 8-10 years Beginner to Intermediate M&F
  • Karolina Chimielewska-Barlow – 3rd place 8-10 years Beginner to Intermediate M&F
  • Zoe Liu – 1st place 8-10 years Advanced to Black M&F
  • Ava Dong – 2nd place 8-10 years Advanced to Black M&F
  • Mackenzie Page – 3rd place 8-10 years Advanced to Black M&F
  • Ella Page – 1st place 11-12 years Advanced to Black M&F
  • Victor Chimielewska-Barlow – 2nd place Advanced to Black M&F
  • Billy Kaa – 3rd place Advanced to Black M&F
  • Alistair Dong – 1st place 13-15 years Intermediate to Black M&F
  • Sam Phillips – 2nd place 13-15 Advanced to Black M&F
  • Farrand Turner – 1st place Adult Intermediate M&F
  • Zuzanna Chimielewska-Barlow – 3rd place Adult Intermediate M&F


Demonstration – Traditional – Team KATA placings

  • Gracien Stapp / Alistair Dong – 1st place 14 years and above M&F


Freestyle Sparring – Sparring Placings

  • Farrand Turner – 1st place – Beginners to Intermediate M


Thank you to Kancho Peter Mylonas, instructors, and tournament team for another challenging tournament….

It was another massive learning experience again with the many learnings to be taken away and worked on…

Wishing you and all students the very best for the year ahead with their training and tournaments journeys…















Warmest and best regards always
Ken Szeto and all at SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone

It is my privilege to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…

I hope that you all get to spend lots of time with families, friends and loved ones over this festive season…

May your time be filled with laughter, fun, great food and great company….make lots of memories so that you can appreciate the happy times and relive the special moments that are always created when families get together…

Thank you to the wonderful dojo black belts, the amazing class instructors and fantastic students and families that make our little dojo the special place that it is…..

Thank you to everyone for your limitless giving, endless patience, and loving hearts as we all try our best to nurture, teach and grow as a community of caring people….

The rewards have been many this year….new friendships, new lessons learnt and an ever growing appreciation of the talents of the many people who make up the dojo…

Take time out and enjoy the holidays…See you all next year…

With Sincere Love, Gratitude and Appreciation to you all

Ken, Leighton, Peri and Families….


Farewell Senpai Kathy Tilley – Rest in Peace in Heaven – 4th September 2023

The Heavens welcomed another Angel on the 4th of September…..

With great sadness and sorrow, we farewelled Senpai Kathy from this world, we surrounded her coffin, and stood with her for one last time, sharing our fondest memories with her and standing quite still as our hearts filled with tears and final goodbyes….

We will always remember and cherish you as a staunch Senpai, an ever-present mentor to all, and the most loyal of friends…

Your heartbeat within the Dojo will always endure through the many students you have touched with your unique way of looking after everyone…

You will inspire so many more as you travel in your next journey, a journey in a higher place, a place where there is only peace, tranquillity, love and gratitude….

Missing you incredibly….thank you for being in our lives….





















With all our Love, Respect and Gratitude

Ken Szeto and everyone at SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo

EIKO HANSHI KATA TOURNAMENT – Another Great SEIDO KARATE Tournament Day – Saturday 2nd September 2023

It was another Great SEIDO Karate Tournament Day at the 2nd SEIDO KARATE EIKO HANSHI KATA Tournament 2023…..

It was truly a day of Blessings, Talented SEIDO students and Incredible SEIDO Instructors and Parents…..


  • The special attendances of Eiko Hanshi Renzie Hanham and Sei Shihan Aaron and their partners Cath and Paola sharing the whole day with us all
  • The special attendances of students and Instructors from all 6 of the Wellington Region SEIDO Karate Dojo
  • Having such amazingly talented SEIDO students demonstrate their KATA with such enthusiasm and spirit
  • Having such amazing parents, families and friends supporting everyone with such warm encouragement
  • Having such an amazing tournament management team always so giving of their time, energy and expertise before, on the day and after this very unique tournament
  • Having the opportunity to host, continue to develop and share this wonderful tournament with everyone


Talented SEIDO Students

  • The talent on display from all SEIDO students across all age groups and belt divisions totally at another level
  • The level of Spirit and Enthusiasm from all SEIDO students strong and ever present throughout the day, truly inspirational
  • The level of Connectedness amidst all Dojo warm, friendly, and respectfully competitive


Incredible SEIDO Instructors and Parents

  • The true guardians of all our SEIDO Dojo – our amazing Dojo Instructors always so steadfast, resolute and supportive with their Dojo involvements
  • The true behind the scenes heroes of all our SEIDO Dojo Communities – our incredible Dojo parents always so dedicated, committed, and supportive of all Dojo students and Dojo endeavours


Thank you to all SEIDO Karate Dojo Heads, Instructors, Students and Parents for making this years Tournament another Great SEIDO Karate Day…..


Thank you to Eiko Hanshi Renzie and Eiko Hanshi Andy for your lifetimes of dedication and commitment to SEIDO Karate and for the privileges we enjoy now as we continue to acknowledge and celebrate you both and the SEIDO Karate Way of today….


Keep up with all the hard training everyone and we will look forward to see you all again next year…

Warmest and best regards always

Ken Szeto and all at SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – Thank you Everyone for a Wonderful Year

Dear Students, Parents and Families
Thank you everyone for another Wonderful Year at the Dojo…..
Despite all the challenges faced with COVID we have managed to overcome them and emerge with a huge sense of positive anticipation for the many new opportunities that will arise in the exciting new year ahead….
2022 is already looking FUN, ACTIVITY FILLED and ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, POSITIVE for everyone……..
Dojo last day of classes is Thursday 16th December and re-opens Monday 17th January 2022
So, please make the effort to take and make time over the coming weeks and months to rest up, relax and enjoy time, love and laughter with families and friends over the Christmas, New Year and School Holiday period…
Keep well, keep safe and see you all in 2022….
Warmest and sincere best wishes to everyone
Ken, Leighton, Peri and families

SEIDO Karate Wellington Region Juniors Tournament – SIMPLY AN AWESOME SEIDO DAY of CELEBRATION – Saturday 7th AUGUST 2021

The talent and potential of our Wellington Region Junior Students and their Parents on awesome display….
This year it was a special treat to have 7 of the region’s Dojo in attendance with their talented junior students, parents and families….
  • SEIDO Wellington
  • SEIDO Upper Hutt
  • SEIDO Kapiti
  • SEIDO Northland (Wellington)
  • SEIDO Manawatu
  • SEIDO Hastings and
  • SEIDO Lower Hutt (Host Dojo)
Thank you to all the many Black Belts and Senior Brown Belts who came to assist with judging for the day….
Thank you to all Dojo instructors and tournament coaches for your dedicated efforts in preparing and training your students for such an enjoyable day of competition and friendship…
Thank you to all our Dojo parents for your ever present support of all our very talented juniors and their SEIDO Karate journeys…
Thank you to all the Lower Hutt Tournament Team members and our amazing parents and volunteers for their endless generosity so willingly provided in support of this very popular tournament…
And most of all thank you to all our wonderfully talented SEIDO Juniors in the Wellington Region for bringing your Courage and Energy to make this tournament day so very special and enjoyable for all….

Warmest and best wishes always
Ken Szeto and all at SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo

My Heartfelt Thanks to Everyone – Hanshi Renzie Visit for Special Joint Dojo Event – Sunday 11th JULY 2021

Sensei’s, Senpai’s, Adult Students, Collegiate Students, Junior Students, Parents and all Family members of SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo and Northland Dojos
“Thank you from the bottom of my heart” for making the day with Hanshi Renzie and Catherine so very special for me, our Dojo’s and the SZETO family…
The day couldn’t have turned out any better….it was a dream come true….
The fantastic kata demonstrations, the great questions from the kids, the warmth from everyone towards each other and the always generous gifts of homemade food which have become a trademark of our wonderful Dojo culture and a testament to the giving attitudes of everyone involved with it…
“Thank you…”
Thank you to the amazing BBQ team for your tireless cooking efforts all morning and the many many people who supported with further food preparation and getting everything else ready for and on the day….
Thank you to Sensei Garry, your talented students and your wonderfully supportive parents and families for attending and strengthening the bonds of friendship between our Dojo’s, our students and our families…
Thank you to Hanshi Renzie for your continued wisdom and life insights and to Catherine for keeping Hanshi Renzie on time, on topic and in the moment..
Thank you to you both for sharing life’s most precious resource with us all….”your time”
And last but not least, to all the students, individuals and families that make SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt the unique Dojo and Dojo community that it is…
OSU Everyone….
Much Love, Respect and Gratitude
Ken Szeto, Sensei Garry Szeto and Senpai Leighton Szeto

Seido Karate Wellington Region Juniors Tournament – Registration is NOW LIVE

Tournament registration is now live.

To enter the tournament please scan the following QR code or click the link below:


Tournament Rules and Permissible Kata:


Important Note: 

You will need to register each competitor separately.  Once you have registered online you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to make payment. 


Please Note:  Registration only confirmed when full payment has been received.


Please email seidotournament@gmail.com with any queries

Warmest regards
Ken Szeto and all at SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo


Saturday 7th AUGUST 2021, St Oran’s College, Lower Hutt

Primary and Intermediate School students only (years 1 to 8)


  • KATA EVENTS – Individual Kata, 3-Person Team Kata, Weapons (black belts only)
  • FUN KATA EVENTS – Parent & Child Kata, Whole Dojo Kata
  • SPARRING EVENTS – Points Sparring (green belt and above only)










Online registrations will open 1st June


Tournament Rules:


Please email seidotournament@gmail.com with any queries


Warmest regards
Ken Szeto and all at SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo

Merry Christmas Everyone – Thank you for the most wonderful year

Merry Christmas Everyone

Thank you for the most wonderful year this year….

Thank you to everyone, students, parents, families and friends for the
best of karate years this year….full of energy, enthusiasm and lots of
challenges all mixed with loads of fun…..
Time to put valuable time aside now to celebrate “togetherness and
Wishing everyone the very, very best for an Amazing Christmas and a
Fantastic New Year.

Warmest wishes and love to ALL
Ken, Leighton, Peri and the Szeto Family


  • Station Village Complex
    Upstairs Studio (next to Laughalots Play Land)
    499 Hutt Road
    Lower Hutt
    Ken Szeto, Instructor