The “SEIDO SPIRIT” – Strong, Enduring and Deeply Embedded in the spiritual fabric of all grading students – Thursday 17th October 2019

No matter your age, no matter your background, no matter your stage in life……your belief in yourself and your journey with the way will always be rewarding….
It was a true testament to the dedication and perseverance of all grading students last night with each and every individual giving their all throughout, even to the point of absolute physical exhaustion….
The roads to the grading night not easy for many, with the busy-ness of life with children and family, study for exams and serious family member illness all adding to the pressures of the evening…
Despite these challenging roads, all students never wavering or giving up….
Thank you for being such amazing students and human beings…it is a blessing to have you all with our little Dojo and I am grateful for all the strength of character that you each bring to it…
Thank you also to the many families, friends and fellow students that came to support you all….
Warmest regards
Ken Szeto and all at SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo

Pictured left to right: Anna Nield, Kirsten Robati, Neev Mackenzie, Abbie Kincaid, Kathy Tilley, Issac Chia and Connor Barkess

Juniors and Collegiates Tournament – “a True Celebration of SEIDO Karate Talent and Togetherness” Saturday 12th October 2019

Juniors and Collegiates Tournament – “a True Celebration of SEIDO Karate Talent and Togetherness” Saturday 12th October 2019 It was a fantastic day of SEIDO Karate talent and togetherness….celebrated across all age groups and all events by students, parents and families…heart warming to see and feel…. All of the region’s 7 Dojo’s being represented, a welcome blessing that made for a perfect tournament day…

  • Wellington Dojo 
  • Northland Dojo 
  • Upper Hutt Dojo 
  • Manawatu Dojo 
  • Hastings Dojo 
  • Kapiti Dojo 
  • Lower Hutt Dojo

There were many many highlights for me throughout the busy-ness of the day…

  • the standard and level of talent demonstrated by all students across all age groups and events 
  • the family oriented atmosphere prevailing throughout the day 
  • the huge efforts of the Lower Hutt Dojo tournament teams and the amazing food put on by our Dojo parents 
  • the standard of kata performed by all non karate parents in the parent & child kata event 
  • the amazing Whole Dojo Kata performed by the Mighty Manawatu Dojo 
  • the sportsmanship of all competitors 
  • the many smiling faces throughout the day 

Thank you Sei Shihan Ben, Jun Shihan Peter, all Kyoshi Seniors and all Senpai’s for making such a huge effort to be there and assist with whatever needed to be done with refereeing and judging…. Thank you to all the Tournament Operations team for your superhuman efforts behind the scenes and on the day, especially Senpai Neil, Kathy and Lee…our black belt Senpai’s Jon, Leighton, Peri, Vince, Brendan, Gabby (our adopted Auckland Senpai)….Jason for Health and Safety, Senpai Brendan and Dominic our Medical Officers…Farrand, Shelley and Clint for managing the Cafe and Food….. Thank you to all our Dojo super mums and dads…who always give so generously with your time, food and support… Thank you to all the other Dojo’s, instructors, students, parents and families… Thank you most of all to all the regions talented Junior and Collegiate students who continue to form the growing foundations of SEIDO Karate in the region for the future…. See you all again next year…keep training and enjoying your karate… With much gratitude and respect OSU
Ken Szeto and all at SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo

True demonstration of SEIDO Determination and Courage – Grading Thursday 12th September 2019

It was an awe inspiring demonstration of SEIDO Determination and Courage from all…. Grading challenges both physical and mental being placed in front of the grading group to overcome one after the other… A rewarding night indeed for everyone in attendance to witness not only the high standard of technique and execution of such, but to be able to enjoy being a part of the development of each and everyone’s individual karate journeys…. Welcome to the Dojo’s growing bunch of dedicated brown belts…. Thank you for being such amazing students and wonderful people… Warmest regardsOSU 
Ken Szeto and all at SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo

Grading Group Pictured left to right: Emily Wong, Isabelle Bosworth, Maddie Dickens, Marcus Wong, Jason Chao and Lee Bosworth

Six of the best demonstrate true “SEIDO Spirit” in challenging junior’s grading – Wednesday 7th August 2019

Age was certainly no barrier as 6 of the Dojo’s youngest and most talented juniors faced the challenges of their first grading last night…. It was a revelation to all in attendance to see their determined efforts throughout and to hear their honest thoughts on “Love” for their parents and their brothers and sisters at the end of their grading…. Funny how truthful and enlightening the words can be from the mouths of babes (our wonderful young karate-ka….) Well done on your success…very well deserved indeed….and thank you for enriching our karate journeys… OSU 
Ken Szeto and all at SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo

Pictured left to right: Marcus Ding, Hennessy Swallow, Ali Munshi, Benji Coppard, Paige Baldwin and Gracien Stapp

First Grading Challenges overcome with amazing perseverance and determination – Monday 29th July 2019

It was a nervous start to the grading for Tara and Lucy….but as the challenges were put in front of them one by one, each of these talented young karate-ka finding their own ways to overcome them and share with everyone their pride and joy in achieving grading success… Each expressing their heartfelt gratitude to their very special parents for their unquestionable support with their karate and their young lives…. The overwhelming message that SEIDO Karate journey is in fact a “whole of family journey” resonating with all in attendance…young and old Well done Tara and Lucy…and thank you so much to your wonderful parents Dom, Anja, John and Charlotte.. Warmest regardsOSUKen Szeto and all at SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt

“Fantastic Four” demonstrate the true strength of the SEIDO human spirit in first grading – Thursday 4th July 2019

“Nervous but excited” the overwhelming feeling expressed by all 4 grading candidates on the night…. Their individual journey’s also sharing commonalities with……putting family time aside to train, juggling work pressures and dealing with the thoughts of what might or might not be asked of them during the grading… The size of the smiles on their faces post grading however, reflecting the huge levels of effort, dedication and personal elation as all 4 most deservedly gained grading success… Thank you to everyone who came to support especially family and friends and all our wonderful black belt seniors and kyu grade students… Well Done Farrand, Simone, Janine and Nicky, you guys were all AWESOME…. 

Warmest regards 
Ken Szeto

Farewell Sei Shihan Michael – My first SEIDO teacher, Mentor and Friend

Dearest Sei Shihan Michael You were my first SEIDO teacher – You taught me about Patience and Understanding You became my Mentor – You taught me about Honesty and Humility You became my Friend – You taught me about Loyalty and Truth Thank you for always being so giving of your time, your love and humanity My gratitude to you sits within me, deeply embedded in my heart and your life lessons taught to me are actioned everyday in every aspect of my daily life… Your spirit now lives in each and every student of my own Dojo, carrying on the teachings taught to me by you… I know that you will shake things up up there in SEIDO Karate – Heaven Branch, missing you so very much…. OSU your student and friend forever….. Ken Szeto

Best of Luck in Brisbane Nick – We will miss your energy and giggle smiles at the Dojo – Wednesday 12th June 2019

We will ALL miss your positive energy and infectious giggle smiles at the Dojo Nick….. You have developed into a positive, kind and talented young man and amazing karate-ka… We are absolutely sure that you will achieve your long held passion of becoming a commercial pilot…so study hard and make the most of the wonderful opportunities in OZ…. Brisbane “WATCH OUT” Nick will be arriving soon… Wishing Dad (Mark) and Mum (Angela) all our love and best wishes for your own successes in Brisbane…. Ken Szeto and Everyone at SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo

Absolutely, Positively an “EPIC BLAST” – SEIDO Karate International Tournament April 2019 in Sydney

It was an Absolutely, Positively “EPIC BLAST” – thank you Sydney for hosting all 151 of us for tournament week in April 2019… Thank you to Sei Shihan Ino, Kyoshi Leigh and all your super hard working members of the Tournament Committee…. Special moments and memories started as soon as we arrived to take up our lodgings at the wonderful MERITON Hotel on Kent Street) in Darling Harbour’s Chinatown central…. My special moments of trip and in no particular order as they were all very special indeed:

  • All of us managing to be housed together in Sydney 
  • Getting to spend time getting to know all our amazing Dojo parents 
  • Our group excursions, walking the Sydney Harbour Bridge, our Manly Beach trip, our Sydney Opera House walk 
  • Enjoying Tournament Day and the exciting results and achievements of all our 51 children and 10 adults who competed hard 
  • Overall medal tally total 86: 42 Gold, 25 Silver, 19 Bronze and Grand Champion Team Kata Gold 
  • The Hanshi House Kata demonstrations with Hanshi Renzie from New Zealand, Sei Shihan Toshi and Sei Shihan Suzuki from Japan and Sei Shihan Michael from Honbu USA 
  • The Party with everyone in the MERITON Penthouse and the special Darling Harbour fireworks 
  • The amazing Swallow-Paraku family performance of their special Haka for the Dojo

But most of all the genuine and strong “AROHA and TOGETHERNESS” connecting our little Dojo families, adults, children and friends together… I am so very privileged and blessed to be surrounded by so many incredibly generous and genuine people from so many walks of life and backgrounds, all accompanying me on this journey of teaching our children about the world we live in through travel, competition and friendship through this wonderful life art we call “SEIDO Karate”  Thank you OSU Ken Szeto


It was a crazy afternoon of kata demonstrations and appreciation of everyone’s hard work and efforts over the last 12 months to get us to this very privileged position of being able to go to the SEIDO Karate International Tournament to be held in Sydney on Saturday 13th April…. Thank you to the kids for all your boundless energy and enthusiasm over the last year…. Thank you to your amazing parents for your wonderful and unwavering support of your talented children and our special little Dojo… Thank you to our super and generous sponsors, without your support we could not have funded our Hoodies 

  • BEYOND MORTGAGES – Jason Hurdle
  • INVESTNOW – Mike Heath
  • ARLO – Cathey Middleplaats
  • CUMMINGS KILGARIFF and CO – Dianne Cuimmings

Thank you to all our Dojo Instructors and their encouragement of all our Junior Academy Group and their parents…. Don’t know about you all but I am looking forward to a fantastic week of fun and social engagement, enjoying the busy atmosphere of Sydney and having an amazing trip with you ALL….oh yeah, and of course a little bit of karate….. Thank you so much to you ALL….. With much gratitude and appreciation of the many privileges and special friendships that we all get to enjoy as a Happy and united Dojo family….OSU 
Ken Szeto 

  • Station Village Complex
    Upstairs Studio (next to Laughalots Play Land)
    499 Hutt Road
    Lower Hutt
    Ken Szeto, Instructor