SEIDO Karate Regional Juniors Tournament – St Oran’s College, Lower Hutt Saturday 30th JUNE 2018

I am pleased to announce the date and venue for the first SEIDO Regional Juniors Tournament for the year….
It will be a Celebratory Tournament for all our talented and committed Junior SEIDO karate-ka training in the greater Wellington region…
Please make sure that you ask your Dojo Instructors for the registration forms and get these completed and emailed to me as early as you can so that we can keep you ALL updated on entry numbers in all events..
It will also be a fundraising tournament for the SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo Junior Academy Group of students with funds raised going towards their group trip to the SEIDO Karate Australian International Tournament in April 2019…
Looking forward to seeing as many juniors from all our 7 SEIDO Karate Dojos throughout the Wellington region..
Ken Szeto and all at SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo

SEIDO Karate Upper Hutt Dojo – Beautiful New Dojo Premises Opening Saturday 17th March 2018

It was standing room only at the opening of Sensei Graeme’s new Dojo premises celebration in Upper Hutt…
Students filling the Dojo in what can only be described as an absolutely beautiful new Dojo full of amazing SEIDO spirit and SEIDO family-ness….
The mayor of Upper Hutt City, Wayne Guppy opening the morning’s celebration with his acknowledgment of the positive community contributions of Sensei Graeme and his Dojo to the city….
Congratulations to Sensei Graeme, students and families on achieving such a huge achievement…
Thank you for your wonderful hospitality at the celebration lunch at the Cossie Club afterwards, always a great opportunity to meet new SEIDO people….
Ken Szeto and all students at SEIDO Lower Hutt Dojo

Dojo Junior Academy Groups – Hanshi Houses Programme Introduction Friday 16th March 2018

It was an energy filled get together for the Dojo’s Junior Academy Groups for the last 4 years and the welcoming of the new students and parents into the 2018 programme…
The Dojo’s Junior Academy Group students now totalling 75 very talented and committed junior and collegiate aged students…
The special event for the evening being the introduction of the new Hanshi Houses Programme to the Group with students being placed into one of 3 Hanshi Houses..
Each Hanshi House an acknowledgement of the lifetime of involvement, dedication, leadership and contribution from the 3 only Hanshi 8th Dan Black Belts worldwide within the SEIDO Juku Karate style……Hanshi Renzie Hanham (Christchurch), Hanshi Andy Barber (Nelson) and Hanshi Charles (New York)
It will be a very busy and exciting year ahead for everyone….weekly class training, a mid year tournament and fundraising for the penultimate trip in April 2019 for the SEIDO Juku Karate Australian International Tournament in fun filled Sydney, Australia….
Thank you parents for your amazing support of such a wonderfully talented group of children….
Ken Szeto and all our amazing Dojo instructors and senior students

Welcome Visitor to Dojo – Everlasting Friendships Tuesday 13th March 2018

Fresh off the plane from working in Washington, USA Sensei Mel brought with her one of her long time friends Jenny Morgan who was visiting Wellington…
Friends since 1986, the pair met at a women’s self defence course where Jenny recommended that Sensei Mel try SEIDO Karate….
The rest is history….we are very grateful that Sensei Mel tried SEIDO as a great number of everlasting friendships have been created because of it….
It was great to meet you Jenny and to have you with us a part of the class last night…
Warmest regards and much love
Ken Szeto, Sensei Mel and all at Lower Hutt Dojo















Small Grading Group, BIG SPIRIT, GREAT BBQ to Celebrate – Wellington Dojo Adults General Grading Saturday 10th March 2018

It was a small but determined grading group for the day….All were supported with BIG DOJO Spirit and a great Dojo BBQ afterwards to celebrate at Wellington Dojo…
Congratulations Isabella, Thomas, Otis of Wellington Dojo and Arie from Kapiti Dojo….great efforts from you all….
Well Done…..a great mornings effort and celebration…
Ken Szeto and all from Seido Karate Lower Hutt Dojo

Pictured: Black Belt Group

Pictured: All in attendance

Pictured: Kapiti Dojo Sensei Karen and students

Kapiti Dojo Beach Training – Sunday 4th March 2018

It was the most perfect morning for beach training on a beautiful section of Raumati Beach….
Perfect weather, warm water and great fun on the sand for all…
Kiai’s from echoed along the beach as students from Kapiti, Wellington, Northland (Wellington), Palmerston North and Lower Hutt Dojos enjoyed a fun morning of karate and games in the sunshine…
And to top off the perfect day, beers and a BBQ lunch at Sensei Karen’s beach hideaway…just “perfect”
Thank you Sensei karen, partner and BB king Jeff and all Kapiti students for hosting the day…


Wishing you a Happy Birthday filled with love and happiness…
From all at SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo
New Zealand


It is with much LOVE and RESPECT that we wish you a Happy Birthday….
From us all at SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo…


Dear Students, Parents and Families

Welcome back everyone we have an exciting year ahead with some key Dojo events happening this year…..
1. SEIDO Karate Regional Juniors Tournament – Saturday 30th June 2018
Venue: St Oran’s College, 550 High Street, Lower Hutt, 9am start…..
This year, SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo will be hosting the SEIDO Karate Regional Juniors Tournament to be held on Saturday 30th June at St Oran’s College, 550 High Street, Lower Hutt…













This will be an annual Regional Juniors Tournament for 5 to 15 year old SEIDO students across the Wellington Region where there are now 7 SEIDO Karate Dojo’s…so we will be expecting a super-sized Junior student turn out this year….

  • SEIDO Karate – Wellington 
    SEIDO Karate – South Wellington
    SEIDO Karate – Upper Hutt
    SEIDO Karate – Kapiti
    SEIDO Karate – Northland
    SEIDO Karate – Palmerston North
    SEIDO Karate – Lower Hutt
    Tournament Age Groups:
    5-6 years
    7-8 years
    9-10 years
    11-12 years
    13-15 years
    Tournament Events:
    Individual Kata
    Weapons Kata (black belts only)
    3 person Team Kata
    Parent / Child Kata
    Whole Dojo Kata
    Points Sparring (only for 11-12 and 13-15 year age groups)
  • Catering on the Day: Lower Hutt Dojo Fundraiser
    Barista made Coffee, Tea, Soft Drinks, Bottled Water
    BBQ Sausage Sizzle, Burgers, Wraps

2. SEIDO Karate Regional “AROHA” Walk for Life Day Cancer Society Fundraiser – Saturday 22nd September 2018
Venue: Hutt Recreation Grounds, Lower Hutt, 10am to 5pm Walking…..
Followed by a POOL PARTY and BBQ at HUIA POOL 6.15pm to 9.15pm….
This year, SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo will be collaboratively hosting a new SEIDO Karate Regional Event with all 7 SEIDO Dojo’s across the Wellington region…

SEIDO KARATE REGIONAL “AROHA” WALK for LIFE DAY – Saturday 22nd September 2018








We have all experienced the loss of loved ones, friends and even family members through Cancer…and to remember our loved lost ones we will be having our own “AROHA” Walk for Life Day to remember our loved lost ones and to celebrate the privileges in our own lives…
It is a Fundraising event for the Cancer Society and is much like the famous “Relay 4 Life” event held at Frank Kitts Park on the Wellington waterfront each year…

There will be a cordoned off walking track for the day where everyone can walk around from 10am to 5pm…
We are hoping that each SEIDO Dojo will invite all their Dojo families and friends to make it a very special and memorable day of Fundraising based upon remembrance, celebration and appreciation for LIFE…..

So come along dressed in your favourite costumes to add a festive and celebratory atmosphere to the event…
Dojo heads and senior students please get together to start approaching your local businesses to see whether they will sponsor a marquee so your Dojo can have a Dojo base for the Day and students and families and friends start thinking of who you will approach to get sponsorship monies from for your walking energies over the day…

3. SEIDO Karate International Tournament Sydney – 12th to 14th April 2019
SEIDO Karate Head of Australia: Sei Shihan Ino Macquirang (6th dan)
Host Dojo: Broadway Dojo, Darlington, Sydney
Venue: Sydney University Sports and Aquatic Centre, Darlington, Sydney
This year the Lower Hutt Dojo Black Belts and Junior Academy Group Parents will be working together to organise a DOJO wide “Tournament Group” to attend this once in a lifetime tournament in Sydney, Australia….
Once in a lifetime because Kaicho, the founder of the SEIDO style of karate will be attending from the USA along with some of his most senior students…















Pictured left to right: Hanshi Charles Martin (Honbu New York), Hanshi Renzie Hanham (NZ Shibu Christchurch) and Hanshi Andy Barber (NZ Shibu Nelson)



















The Junior Academy Group of students from the last 4 years and those selected for this year’s Junior Academy Group will form the base group of students for regular training in preparation for this special tournament…
For all other Dojo students (juniors, collegiate and adults) wishing to go, please email me to let me know…..The trip is an amazing experience and well worth the investment to go…..the event will be especially unique with the attendance of Kaicho and the many other SEIDO students coming from around the world…
Emails will be sent regarding this trip soon so please ready to assist and support….













Looking forward to another busy and exciting karate year with everyone…
Kindest regards

Ken Szeto


North Island Camp…Friday 16th to Sunday 18th February 2018

Simply AWESOME… was another enjoyable camp at the Forest Lakes Camp facilities in Otaki…
A weekend full of learning, catching up with old friends again and meeting many many new ones…
We were blessed with amazing weather…and the fantastic efforts from the Brooklyn organising team and key club seniors must be acknowledged…special mentions to Brooklyn senior kyu grades Megan and Dave for your massive behind the scenes efforts…Much appreciated indeed from us all…
A key feature from this years event, the significant increase in the number of younger SEIDO students making their presence felt with their levels of energy and enthusiasm…Well Done Juniors…
Looking forward to next year, see you all there…
From all SEIDO Lower Hutt attending Camp students

Pictured: Lower Hutt Dojo Camp Students

  • Station Village Complex
    Upstairs Studio (next to Laughalots Play Land)
    499 Hutt Road
    Lower Hutt
    Ken Szeto, Instructor