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Talent, tenacity and truth on show at Junior Student Grading – Wednesday 20th September 2017

It was a most amazing display of junior talent, tenacity and truth when 6 of the Dojo’s very talented juniors faced the challenges of with their green belt grading….
All students challenged physically and mentally and all emerging proud and triumphant to be rewarded for their efforts with junior green belts around their waists…
Well done to you all and a tremendous thank you to your fantastic parents for all their support and commitment in supporting your karate journeys with us at our wonderful little Dojo….
Thank you also to all your instructors, we are a very proud bunch indeed…
Sensei Ken Szeto and all of us at SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo

Pictured left to right: Callum Rudge, Rukshan Ediriweera, Oscar Middleplaats, Isabelle Bosworth, Kian O’Connell and John Luo


Congratulations to Jacob from us all at SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo

Congratulations to you Jacob…and Congratulations to all the other new Junior Black Belts that graded with you on the day…
We are all so proud of your achievement in being graded to Junior Shodan….
Much love and happiness to you, mum Rachael and dad Senpai Matt…
From us ALL at SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo

Lower Hutt Dojo students rise to challenges of grading at Brooklyn Dojo – Saturday 9th September 2017

It was an action packed grading day at Brooklyn Dojo…the Dojo floor with standing room only during a challenging grading taken by Jun Shihan Peter..
Lower Hutt students shining and rising beyond their expectations on the day…and well supported by the large contingent of fellow Dojo students and families….
Congratulations to Anna, Connor and Alex….a fabulous demonstration of spirit and determination by you all..
Sensei Ken Szeto

Talented Juniors shine at Karate New Zealand Lower North Island Primary and Intermediate Schools Tournament – Sunday 27th August 2017

WOW, what a BIG DAY OUT for the Dojo….
It was an afternoon of keen and enthusiastic competition at the Karate New Zealand hosted Primary and Intermediate Schools tournament held at South Wellington Intermediate School in Newtown, Wellington…
With a tournament group of 55 juniors, it was a full on day with each and every child entered into all 3 tournament event categories, SEIDO Kata, KNZ Open Kata and 3 person Team Kata…
Proudly supported by families, friends and fellow students it was a day full of surprises, cheers, tears and personal achievement for all…
From your team of very proud instructors.…CONGRATULATIONS to you ALL…you kids are just AMAZING….
Sensei Ken Szeto and all your fantastic instructors

Collegiate students demonstrate true determination and perseverance in the face of grading challenges – Thursday 3rd August 2017

It was a true demonstration of determination and perseverance by 2 of the Dojo’s most wonderful collegiate students….
Both facing the challenges of their grading head on without reservation or doubt….
Well supported on the night by families, friends and fellow students, both emerged with smiles and new belts after their hard fought achievements….
Congratulations to two wonderfully talented and determined young adults….
Well done Kerenza and well done Nissa…
Thank you to all the many families, friends and fellow students for your vocal support and encouragement throughout the grading..
Sensei Ken Szeto

New SEIDO Northland Dojo, Wellington celebrates with first Dojo Grading – Monday 26th June 2017

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my little brother Sensei Garry, his wonderful junior students and their families on celebrating their first Dojo grading last night….
The Northland Dojo is the latest SEIDO Karate Dojo to open in the Wellington region…
Talented junior students Phoebe and Esera showcasing their karate in front of a very supportive group of parents and students from other SEIDO Karate Dojo’s….
Thank you for an enjoyable grading demonstration and yummy pizza afterwards…Well Done…..
Kindest regards
Ken Szeto and all students of SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo

Pictured: All attending students before grading

Pictured: Smiles all around with Sensei Garry, Esera and Phoebe

Pictured: SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo support crew

Collegiate students shine at Black Belt grading – South Wellington Seido Karate Dojo Saturday 24th June 2017

Despite the cold weather start to the morning, collegiate students Kai and Addison rose to the challenges of a most demanding grading undertaken by Kyoshi Debbie at South Wellington Seido Karate Dojo in Brehampore Wellington…
The pair were well supported by family, fellow Dojo students and students and instructors from the other Wellington region Dojo’s…
Well done to you both from us all at Seido Karate Lower Hutt Dojo…..a great effort throughout…
Kindest regards
Ken Szeto and all at SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo

Pictured left to right: Sensei Bruce Millard, Sensei Garry Szeto, Senpai Kai, Sensei Ken, Senpai Addison and Sensei Graeme Jarvis


What an amazing day for all of New Zealand…..
And what an exciting racing series it has been against Team Oracle and Jimmy Spithill……
Congratulations from Everyone at SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo….

A Wonderful Dojo Day Out at Karate New Zealand Lower North Island Kata Champs – Sunday 11th June 2017

It was a wonderful Day Out for the Dojo at the Karate New Zealand Lower North island Kata Champs held on Sunday 11th June at South Wellington Intermediate School in Newtown, Wellington….
The Dojo’s contingent of 47 competing students well supported by enthusiastic parents, friends and fellow students….
It was another fantastic morning of exciting and close competition under the Karate New Zealand tournament format and a great learning experience for all SEIDO students…
A key feature of the day for me being the exemplary competitive behaviours and attitudes of our talented young karate-ka….
You will be great Junior Dojo ambassadors for the future…
Well done to everyone for having a go and “Congratulations” to the many many new Karate New Zealand Lower North Island Kata Champions and place getters…
A very proud OSU to you all and a big THANK YOU to your amazing parents, families and friends….
Sensei Ken Szeto

KARATE NEW ZEALAND Wellington Secondary Schools tournament a new and enjoyable learning experience for all…..21st May 2017

It was a new and enjoyable learning experience for all at the Karate New Zealand Wellington Secondary Schools Champs held on Sunday 21st May 2017…
Many of the Dojo’s Collegiate age students competing in the new format tournament for the first time and many of Dojo’s black belts experiencing the refereeing under the disciplined rules of World Karate Federation for the first time also…
It was a great day for all students, in particular getting to see the beautiful kata of Goju-Ryu and Shotokan performed at an extremely high competition level by the more experienced students from other Dojo…
Thank you to the Lower North Island Council for organising an enjoyable tournament…
Sensei Ken Szeto and all Lower Hutt Dojo students
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