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Gray Family Karate Journey

In the middle of last year (2011) after 6 months of my lovely eldest son struggling socially at school, and have done all that I could with in the framework of the school, I knew that Patrick needed something for himself, to grow his confidence, awareness and something to “ground” him.


Somebody suggested dance, (no that’s not Patrick), martial arts I thought, not Karate (too violent) not Taekwondo (too many legs) Aikido (can’t find a decent schedule anywhere). 


Then I met a lovely bright bubbly lady who suggested Seido Karate (never mind the violence they do meditation). So tentatively I took Patrick along one evening to be told there was a grading on (not a clue as to what that was) stayed and watched, Patrick seemed highly disinterested, I decided it was perfect!!


Patrick was highly reluctant to go to his first class, but afterwards he was hooked and hasn’t looked back since, and always seems to be practising around the house (please Patrick no kiai right now Diana’s asleep). 


As for me, I sat on the sidelines watching, and rather liked what I saw. At first I thought “no I won’t indulge myself in this, it’s for Patrick”, but I couldn’t resist one little class – which I loved, my little voice in my head chipped in though and said “still though this is for Patrick and I’m so busy how can I fit it in. 


A few months later I took Patrick to his Saturday class we arrived rather early and got to watch the adults being taken through their Kata by Sensei Ken.

Sensei Ken put on Earth song on by Michael Jackson, the Kata I saw was beautiful, graceful, dynamic and intense then there was the explosive sound of the “Kiai”. 


In the moment of that sound, the road blocks I had carefully constructed around not doing Karate dissolved and I relented (who can resist a good yell now and then)


A week or two later I went along (because I know one day I’ll get to learn that Kata) and I have loved every moment since – even when I feel like a completely uncoordinated gimp! 


My 6 year old daughter has also got in on the act, and I think my younger 2 children also want a piece of the action.


For me as a person, for a few times a week I get to completely put my attention in one place rather than in the 4 plus place’s it seems to be the rest of the time, and I seem to now be getting a better grip on the mad rush that seems to surround me.


As a mother I’ve seen my son become more grounded and take on more responsibilities at home, plus take a pride in the things he has achieved such getting through his first grading (with some motherly encouragement from the sidelines) and to his great delight obtaining his blue belt.   


The Dojo has become a very special place for my family, not to just train hard in, but to also have fun in and come together with others to create a truly warm and encouraging community.


Many thanks to Sensei Ken for the all the time and energy he devotes, it is truly appreciated.


Anna Gray


  • Station Village Complex
    Upstairs Studio (next to Laughalots Play Land)
    499 Hutt Road
    Lower Hutt
    Ken Szeto, Instructor