A strong family values oriented dojo

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Welcome to Seido Karate Lower Hutt Dojo

Seido Karate Lower Hutt Dojo is a strong family values oriented dojo

The dojo was started in October of 2004 by Kyoshi (senior teacher) Ken Szeto, a 5th degree black belt and a student of Seido Karate for over 25 years.

The dojo enjoys the membership of a diverse mix of students who range from the age of 4 years of age to over 60 years of age.  The many different personalities and capabilities of all the students make an enthusiastic and encouraging training environment for all.  The training itself is “physical” and “challenging” and all that is asked of you is that you try your very best with the “physical” stuff and enjoy the “challenging” stuff.

Introducing you to Seido Juku Karate

“Seido – Sincere Way”“Juku – Special Place”
“Seido Juku – To follow the Sincere Way from a special place of enlightenment”

The Seido Juku style of Karate was founded in 1976 by Kaicho (director) Tadashi Nakamura a karate master of world renown.

Since 1976, the Seido style of Karate has developed to exist all over the world, with over 50 dojo spread over 15 countries and over 20,000 students all affiliated to the World Seido Karate Organisation headquartered in New York, USA
The Seido Karate Lower Hutt dojo is a part of this world wide organisation.


Seido Juku Karate in the Wellington Region

In the Wellington region there are now 5 other Seido Juku Karate dojo:

  • Seido Wellington – Brooklyn, Wellington and headed by Sei Shihan (senior master) Ben Otang, 6th Dan Black Belt
  • Seido Upper Hutt – Upper Hutt City, Upper Hutt and headed by Sensei (teacher) Graeme Jarvis, 4th Dan Black Belt
  • Seido Palmerston North – Palmerston North City, Palmerston North and headed by Kyoshi (senior teacher) John Rounce, 5th Dan Black Belt.     
  • Seido Northland Wellington – Northland, Wellington and headed by Sensei (teacher) Garry Szeto, 4th Dan Black Belt 
  • Seido Kapiti – Paraparaumu, Wellington and headed by Sensei  (teacher) Karen Millane, 4th Dan Black Belt

Underlying Principles of Seido Juku Karate

“Love – Love for yourself and others”
“Respect – respect for yourself and others”
“Obedience – obedience to family, community and society”

The Seido Juku style of Karate was founded upon 3 underlying principles
Love, Respect and Obedience

These 3 principles are adhered to during training and form the basis of the dojo’s strong and encouraging atmosphere during classes.

Belt System and Gradings

The Seido Juku style of Karate has a 10 stage (kyu), 5 coloured system of belts which take students from white belt (beginner student) to advanced brown belt (advanced student) in preparation for their black belt.

Coloured Belt System

  • White Belt 10th Kyu
  • White / Orange Belt Advanced 9th Kyu
  • Blue Belt 8th Kyu
  • Blue Belt Advanced 7th Kyu
  • Yellow Belt 6th Kyu
  • Yellow Belt Advanced 5th Kyu
  • Green Belt 4th Kyu
  • Green Belt Advanced 3rd Kyu
  • Brown Belt 2nd Kyu
  • Brown Belt Advanced 1st Kyu



The Seido Juku style of Karate is comprised of a very structured and precise training syllabus

Each belt level has specific syllabus requirements which each individual student must be proficient in, in order to advance to the next belt level.

Responsibilities of Dojo Senior Students

Once students have attained the level of green belt, they are regarded as seniors in the dojo and assume the responsibilities associated with that grade.

As Senior Students they are responsible for:

  • Assisting with classes
  • Encouraging students in classes
  • Supporting new dojo members, beginners and junior students
  • Reinforcing dojo etiquette


Responsibilities as a student of the Dojo

Once you become a student of the dojo, you must try your best to understand your responsibilities as a student. As a student of the dojo you are responsible for the following:

  • Demonstrating respect and courtesy for others at all times
  • Encouraging and supporting fellow students
  • Upholding dojo etiquette
  • Enjoying yourself and the company of others


Training Fees

  • Juniors and Collegiate Age Groups 4 to 17 years $65 per month
  • Adults 18 years and over $85 per month

Should you not be able to commit to training on a regular weekly basis or have problems in paying the level of specified fees then please see me so that we can discuss your fee options.

Enjoy the training and the friendships.
It will be my privilege to have you as a student of the dojo.

I look forward to being a part of your karate journey and hope that you will gain much enjoyment from the training and the many friendships that will develop as you progress………..


Ken Szeto
Principal Instructor
Seido Karate Lower Hutt Dojo

  • Station Village Complex
    Upstairs Studio (next to Laughalots Play Land)
    499 Hutt Road
    Lower Hutt
    Ken Szeto, Instructor