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A Fantastic 2024 Sydney Tournament Trip – Competition Day Challenges, Exploring Sydney, Endless Shopping, Perfect End of Tournament Dinner with Everyone – March 2024

It was another fantastic Sydney Tournament trip with the most FUN group of students and families…

The beautiful city of Sydney always a privilege and pleasure to be in and always packed full of new experiences and activities to enjoy…

Our base in Darling Harbour proving to be the best of locations for all to explore the many great shopping precincts, enjoy the great food and just people watch the hordes of human beings living their busy lives in the bustling CBD areas…

But best of all, enjoying the daily company and warm friendships of all the wonderful people and families in this group…and ending our trip with a perfect evening with an amazing group dinner in beautiful Darling Harbour….the evening setting topped off with a perfectly clear sky and warm weather..

Thank you to all for the many precious memories and the invaluable privilege of your friendships…


Tournament Day…a very challenging experience

The courage and enthusiasm of all our competing Dojo students was truly inspiring with all students demonstrating their kata and competing in sparring with true passion and total commitment…

The many Happy faces however reflecting the levels of elation of those students fortunate to achieve podium placings on the day….

Congratulations and Well Done to you all….


Tournament Results:

Traditional Forms – Individual KATA placings

  • Braxton Luamanu – 2nd place 7 years and under M&F
  • Willow Mckenzie – 2nd place 8-10 years Beginner to Intermediate M&F
  • Karolina Chimielewska-Barlow – 3rd place 8-10 years Beginner to Intermediate M&F
  • Zoe Liu – 1st place 8-10 years Advanced to Black M&F
  • Ava Dong – 2nd place 8-10 years Advanced to Black M&F
  • Mackenzie Page – 3rd place 8-10 years Advanced to Black M&F
  • Ella Page – 1st place 11-12 years Advanced to Black M&F
  • Victor Chimielewska-Barlow – 2nd place Advanced to Black M&F
  • Billy Kaa – 3rd place Advanced to Black M&F
  • Alistair Dong – 1st place 13-15 years Intermediate to Black M&F
  • Sam Phillips – 2nd place 13-15 Advanced to Black M&F
  • Farrand Turner – 1st place Adult Intermediate M&F
  • Zuzanna Chimielewska-Barlow – 3rd place Adult Intermediate M&F


Demonstration – Traditional – Team KATA placings

  • Gracien Stapp / Alistair Dong – 1st place 14 years and above M&F


Freestyle Sparring – Sparring Placings

  • Farrand Turner – 1st place – Beginners to Intermediate M


Thank you to Kancho Peter Mylonas, instructors, and tournament team for another challenging tournament….

It was another massive learning experience again with the many learnings to be taken away and worked on…

Wishing you and all students the very best for the year ahead with their training and tournaments journeys…















Warmest and best regards always
Ken Szeto and all at SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo

  • Station Village Complex
    Upstairs Studio (next to Laughalots Play Land)
    499 Hutt Road
    Lower Hutt
    Ken Szeto, Instructor