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Fantastic Way to Finish the Karate Year – Nidan Grading Wellington Dojo Saturday 15th December 2018

It was a fantastic way to end our Karate year for 2018….
The 5am morning start time, a new experience for all 7 candidates from Lower Hutt Dojo, Wellington Dojo and Upper Hutt Dojo…
Amidst the physical challenges there were some touching and special moments of passion, emotion and humility as each student spoke of the ups and downs of their unique SEIDO journey’s…..
Well supported by a large contingent of fellow black belts, each and every candidate giving their all throughout…
Congratulations to you all for your amazing demonstrations of SEIDO spirit….
Warmest regards
Ken Szeto and fellow Black Belt karate-ka
  • Station Village Complex
    Upstairs Studio (next to Laughalots Play Land)
    499 Hutt Road
    Lower Hutt
    Ken Szeto, Instructor