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Dojo Junior Academy Groups – Hanshi Houses Programme Introduction Friday 16th March 2018

It was an energy filled get together for the Dojo’s Junior Academy Groups for the last 4 years and the welcoming of the new students and parents into the 2018 programme…
The Dojo’s Junior Academy Group students now totalling 75 very talented and committed junior and collegiate aged students…
The special event for the evening being the introduction of the new Hanshi Houses Programme to the Group with students being placed into one of 3 Hanshi Houses..
Each Hanshi House an acknowledgement of the lifetime of involvement, dedication, leadership and contribution from the 3 only Hanshi 8th Dan Black Belts worldwide within the SEIDO Juku Karate style……Hanshi Renzie Hanham (Christchurch), Hanshi Andy Barber (Nelson) and Hanshi Charles (New York)
It will be a very busy and exciting year ahead for everyone….weekly class training, a mid year tournament and fundraising for the penultimate trip in April 2019 for the SEIDO Juku Karate Australian International Tournament in fun filled Sydney, Australia….
Thank you parents for your amazing support of such a wonderfully talented group of children….
Ken Szeto and all our amazing Dojo instructors and senior students

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    Ken Szeto, Instructor