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Special Grading Weekend at SEIDO Karate Christchurch Camp, Kaiapoi – 1st to 3rd December 2017

It was a sun drenched weekend of karate and friendships (old and new) at this years SEIDO Karate Christchurch Camp held at the Blue Skies Camping facilities in Kaiapoi…
Hundreds of karate-ka from all over New Zealand enjoying a full on weekend of karate, karate and more karate….
Junior and senior grade gradings were also held as a part of the camp…
I was one of the privileged ones asked to be a part of the group of 8 attempting our Kyoshi level grading….and our very own Senpai Melanie Calversbert was asked to be a part of the group of 5 attempting their Sensei level grading…
It was an absolutely enjoyable and enlightening experience for me and made even more special by having the grading experience shared with my long time fellow karate-ka and great friend, Sensei Bruce Millard of Brooklyn Dojo, now deservedly Kyoshi Bruce…
To top off an already amazing and memorable weekend, I had the welcome surprise of having Sei Shihan Ino Macquirang, SEIDO Karate’s Australian inspirational head instructor attend the camp to support me…thank you so much Sei Shihan….I am truly grateful to you for this….
Thank you to Hanshi Renzie, all Sei Shihan’s, all Jun Shihan’s, all Kyoshi’s and all Sensei’s for your strength of leadership and dedication that you all put into the committed nurturing of a wonderfully respectful and privileged SEIDO Community throughout New Zealand….
Thank you to my fantastic little brother Sensei Garry for being there and my Otago University Pharmacy School classmate Senpai Charles Powell coming across to attend from the Sunshine Coast in Australia, I enjoyed training and catching up with you Senpai Charles on Sunday…
Thank you to the many many well wishers from all over, I am very very blessed indeed…
Congratulations to our Sensei Mel and all students who successfully graded over the weekend….Well Done everyone….
With sincere gratitude and warmest thoughts to you all for a Happy Christmas and Wonderful New Year….
Ken Szeto

Kyoshi Group – Pictured left to right: Ken Szeto, Ed Siddle, Bruce Millard, Chris Gilmore, Shane Mason, Jan Gilmore, Siobhan Lilley and Chris Rice

Pictured left to right: Ken Szeto, Bruce Millard and Garry Szeto

Sensei’s Grading Group 2017


Pictured left to right: Karen Millane, Sei Shihan Ben Otang and Melanie Calversbert




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