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Amazing adults demonstrate true SEIDO sincerity and honesty throughout grading – Thursday 22nd September 2016

It was an evening of true SEIDO sincerity and honesty as 5 of the Dojo’s adult students worked their way through a challenging grading last night….
I am sure that everyone in attendance learnt a lot about each of those grading and I am sure also that everyone learnt much about the amazing strength of purpose that individuals muster within themselves when faced with the challenges of overcoming their doubts and fears to achieve their personal goals and grading success….
As always all were well supported by their families, friends and fellow students…..
Well done to you all on an amazing demonstration of true human sincerity and honesty…..and thank you to everyone for your wonderful support of all who graded and our wonderful little dojo…
Sensei Ken Szeto

Pictured left to right: Mya McGrath, Grace Ashworth-Lawson, Devery Foster, Lee Bosworth and Tim Hyndman


Pictured left to right: Senpai Brendon Young, Kyoshi Dennis Shum, Sensei Ken Szeto, Senpai Melanie Calversbert and Senpai Jon Mackie

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    Ken Szeto, Instructor