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“Amazing, Wonderful, Awesome, JUST EPIC, Perfect Just Perfect – Junior Leadership Tournament Group Trip to Sydney” 12th to 16th November 2014

Those were just some of the words used by our “Tournament Group Kids” to describe their 5 days of “Absolute Fun” in Sydney as part of their trip to attend this years 2014 Seido Karate National Australian Tournament…..

It was all “Fun, Fun, Fun” from the moment we arrived at the York Apartments Hotel in Sydney’s busy CBD….with sightseeing walks and group activities on everyday….

And yes, we even managed to fit in a day of high energy competition on the Saturday at the tournament…

Sei Shihan Ino Macquirang and his Broadway Dojo students ensuring that everything ran like clockwork over the 5 competition mats throughout the day….and making everyone feel welcome and just like part of the Sydney Dojo family….

Sei Shihan Ino advising all that this years tournament was the largest yet with over 165 students competing and all Australian Dojo’s being present including 4 from New Zealand……..(Christchurch, Timaru, Wellington and of course Lower Hutt)….

On behalf of everyone from the Lower Hutt Dojo’s Tournament Group this year

“Thank you so much for making our trip such an enjoyable and fun experience”

Ken Szeto, the parents and students of the Lower Hutt Dojo Sydney Tournament Group…..


Training session with Sei Shihan Ino at his famous Broadway Dojo


Happy smiles and Happy hearts with Sei Shihan Ino after the training session



“Happy Tournament Group members” after a big day of tournament competition


Junior Blue Belt Kata Team Left to right: Brierley Piper, Emily Wong, Gabriel O’Connell and Connor Piper


Junior Yellow Belt Kata Team Left to right: Angus Horan, Alex Strickland and Marcus Wong


Junior Green Belt Kata Team Left to right: Kerenza Robertson, Tornissa Mackie and Neihana Anderson-Clark


Adults Green Belt Kata Team Left to right: Kent Horan, Wendy Trimmer-Beattie, Matt Barker and Hamish Horan


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    Ken Szeto, Instructor