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“DREAMM Tour” – a Dream Come True – Kempo Genbu Ryu Tournament Sydney 19th March 2023

Our Dojo DREAMM Tour was just that, a dream come true….


The privileges of travel and competition after a wait period of 4 years due to COVID being realised and enjoyed by everyone in the wonderful city of Sydney…


Our first experiences of an “International level” tournament proving to be a next level challenge for all competing students in both kata and sparring…


We had a great tournament day with much new learnings, new understandings and new friendships being accumulated across the group as the excitement of watching the introductory activities and individual events of the tournament unfolded….


The spirit of “BUDO” and “FRIENDSHIP” strong and evident all day long with all competitors showing much respect and spirit as they proudly represented their Dojo’s, their styles, and their countries….(Australia, Japan and New Zealand)


Many impressive students demonstrated their amazing kata and sparring abilities across many age groups and martial arts styles…


Kempo Genbu Ryu Karate, Shidokan Karate, Heiseikan Karate, Goju Ryu Karate, Kyokushinkai Karate and more….


A real tribute to all Dojo’s, Dojo Heads and Instructors….Well done and Congratulations to everyone….


We were all so very proud of all our SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo students for giving their utmost in such a very challenging new tournament format and environment…


Our little group of 25 competing students competed hard indeed…

Our Dojo tournament results:

Juniors Age Group Events:

  • Zoe Liu – 1st Individual Kata (7 years and under event)
  • Ava Dong – 1st Individual Kata (8-10 years event)
  • Alistair Dong – 1st Individual Kata (11-12 years event)
  • Mackenzie Page – 3rd Individual Kata (8-10 years event)
  • Maddison Roo – 2nd Individual Kata (11-12 years event)


Collegiate Age Group Events:

  • Senpai Jason Chao – 1st Full Contact Kumite, 2nd Points Kumite, 3rd Freestyle Kumite (17-18 years Advanced to Black event)
  • Senpai Issac Chia – 1st Individual Kata, 2nd Full Contact Kumite, 1st Points Kumite (17-18 years Advanced to Black event)
  • Senpai Isabelle Bosworth – 2nd Weapons Kata (17-18 years Advanced to Black event)
  • Finlay Bosworth – 2nd Full Contact Kumite (13-15 years Advanced event)
  • Joe Hyndman – 2nd Full Contact Kumite (17-18 years Advanced to Black event)
  • Ethan Broadley – 2nd Individual Kata, 3rd Full Contact Kumite, 1st Freestyle Kumite (17-18 years Intermediate event)


Adults Age Group Events:

  • Senpai Leighton Szeto – 1st Individual Kata (Adults Open event)
  • Cary Stackhouse – 3rd Full Contact Kumite (Adults Open event)
  • Jason Stapp – 2nd Individual Kata (Adults Open event)
  • Tony Dong – 1st Individual Kata (Adults Open event)


Our sincere gratitude to Kancho Peter Mylonas and his tournament team for hosting and running such an exciting, enjoyable, and well-tuned event…


Your warm welcome and hospitality throughout the day was greatly and gratefully appreciated….


It was a privilege indeed to meet so many of the “Head of Styles” at the VIP seating tables, a real tournament high point for me…


Shihan Margaret Le (Kempo Genbu Ryu – Sydney) , Shihan James Phillips (Power Karate Kyokushinkai – Sydney) and Shihan Christian Ch’ng (Shidokan Karate – Sydney) thank you for your warm company and conversation, I hope that our paths cross again soon…


Congratulations to all competing students and your Dojo instructors for your limitless dedication and commitment to the continued development of high-level tournament competition and “BUDO Spirit” across our International Martial Arts communities….


Thank you to our Dojo instructors, our amazing parents (our unseen heroes) and your very talented children young and older….


Thank you so much to our most special of sponsors Aimee, Darren and Family and of course our Dojo Guardian Angel DREAMM for looking over us from above and making sure that we continue with our daily commitment to enjoying every aspect of our very privileged lives….



















































With much Gratitude, Appreciation, and Love

Ken Szeto

  • Station Village Complex
    Upstairs Studio (next to Laughalots Play Land)
    499 Hutt Road
    Lower Hutt
    Ken Szeto, Instructor