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Father and son shodan grading an “inspiring experience for all” at South Wellington SEIDO Karate – Saturday 25th March 2017

It’s not often that a father and son get to grade together for their black belts…but that’s what happened this weekend..

It was an inspiring experience for all who attended both on and off the dojo floor…

Jun Shihan Tony taking a physically and mentally challenging grading for Stephen (dad) and Luke (son)…

Well supported the pair overcame challenge after challenge to emerge with pride and success…

OSU Senpai Stephen and OSU Senpai Luke…

Our heartfelt congratulations to you both and your families….well done

Sensei Ken Szeto and all Lower Hutt SEIDO Karate students

Pictured: Seido Karate Lower Hutt support crew with Stephen and Luke before their grading

Pictured: Attending Black Belts Group with new Senpai’s Stephen and Luke (kneeling in front row) after their grading

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    Upstairs Studio (next to Laughalots Play Land)
    499 Hutt Road
    Lower Hutt
    Ken Szeto, Instructor