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Farewell and Good Luck in Australia

Two of the Lower Hutt Dojo’s most loved families are leaving the shores of New Zealand this month to live in Australia.

The Calkin’s moving firstly to tropical Darwin and then to cosmopolitan Melbourne, and the Feagaiga’s moving to sunny sunny Brisbane.

We wish both families only the very best for success and happiness over in the land of Oz and hope that you will return some day to join us at Lower Hutt Dojo once again.

All the very best to Maddy and Damian two of our brightest junior karate-ka talents.

OSU and much love to you all

Seido Karate Lower Hutt Dojo



Inspirational Juniors gain grading success at Seido Brooklyn Dojo Wellington

Two of the Lower Hutt Dojo's most talented under 16 year olds gained grading success at Seido's Brooklyn Dojo, Wellington on Saturday 10th December 2011.

The 2 hour grading was undertaken by Jun Shihan Ben Otang, a 6th degree black belt and the Wellington regions Principal Instructor for Seido Karate…

Both students demonstrated their best karate throughout the challenging test….Leighton Szeto successfully attaining his advanced brown belt (1st kyu) and Nicky McCleery successfully attaining his advanced green belt (3rd kyu)

Pictured left to right:
Sensei Ken Szeto, Leighton Szeto, Nicky McCleery and Jun Shihan Ben Otang.

Collective Energies and Determination rewarded with Grading Success

Impressive from the start the collective energies and determination of 5 of Lower Hutt Seido Karate's collegiate and adult students were rewarded with grading success on Friday 25th November 2011….

Perseverance being demonstrated by all throughout a most physically and mentally demanding grading…

Pictured left to right: John Barkess, Peri Stackhouse, Tony Stone, Cary Stackhouse and Neil Barkess.

New Adults Beginners Classes Challenge New Students

New Adults Beginners classes are drawing new grown ups to join in the challenging yet fun weekly classes….designed to push grown ups to new levels of fitness the classes are also very social and encouraging in atmosphere….

New Children’s Beginners Classes Enjoying Continued Growth

New Children's Beginners classes are enjoying continued growth…..the new children bringing with them high levels of energy and enthusiasm….ingredients which make the classes fun and enjoyable for all.

Saturday Morning Classes Full of Enthusiam and Energy

Our Saturday morning classes are enjoyed by all….both young and old….a true testament to the enthusiasm generated when the little kids get to train with the big kids (yes, our adults).

Seido Kids relish Competition and Challenge

The wonderful thing about Lower Hutt's Seido kids is that they relish facing Competition and Challenge….a quality that will carry them through their grown up adult years.

Spirit and Self Belief Important to the Positive Development of Children

Sensei Ken seen here fun sparring with one of the dojo's junior students…building spirit and self belief is an important part of kids karate.

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