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Congratulations Kyoshi Melanie Calvesbert – Sunday 3rd December 2023

We are truly blessed to Congratulate Kyoshi Melanie Calvesbert on her successful Kyoshi grading on Sunday 3rd December at the Christchurch Shibu Camp….

Kyoshi Melanie, you have been a steadying and warm influence at SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo….you have touched so many people as a teacher, mentor, and loyal friend…

It is my privilege to have you sitting beside me again after more than 30 years since we last lined up together as 1st kyu students…

With sincere gratitude and appreciation….long may our journeys continue….


Warmest and best regards always

Ken Szeto and all at SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo

  • Station Village Complex
    Upstairs Studio (next to Laughalots Play Land)
    499 Hutt Road
    Lower Hutt
    Ken Szeto, Instructor