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Convergence of 8 very different and unique people and karate-do journeys – Nidan and Shodan Grading Day Saturday 5th December 2020

It is with much pride and privilege that I CONGRATULATE the coming together of 8 very different and unique people on a very special day of gradings…
Senpai Neil for your solo success with your early morning nidan grading and Senpai’s Kathy, Anna, Kirsten, Connor, Neev, Abbie and Issac for your successes in the shodan grading that followed….
You were ALL simply AMAZING not only with your individual demonstrations of personal STRENGTH of SPIRIT and Karate but also in the obvious bond of TOGETHERNESS amongst each of you as a grading group on the day…….
Thank you for your unrelenting dedication and immense commitment to your study of SEIDO KARATE as an art and as a way of life….
Thank you to your training partners, your Dojo colleagues, your families and loved ones for their unlimited energy and support during throughout your build up periods and the final lead up to your grading day…
Thank you to Sei Shihan Ben for allowing me the privilege of grading you all and for his ever present guidance and support….
Thank you to all the Dojo Heads, your senior black belts and your respective students that were able to attend…
Wellington Dojo – Sei Shihan Ben, Kyoshi Bruce, Sensei Angela, Senpai’s Christine, Nomi, Geoff, Dave, Pepe, Aaron, Ben and all students
Kapiti Dojo – Sensei Karen, Senpai Arie and all students
Upper Hutt Dojo – Sensei Graeme, Senpai’s Ben, Terri, Manu, Theo, Clyde, Tracy and all students
Northland Dojo – Jackson, Max and younger brother (thank you Sensei Garry for sending them along to support while you attended the CHCH Camp)
Thank you to our amazing Dojo cooking, catering and clean up teams for the wonderful breakfast and lunch servings provided for all…
Jason, Craig, Steve, Liam, Senpai Brendan, Lou, Rhiannon, Emerson, Jason C, Nicky and everyone else who helped throughout the day…
And of course to everyone who makes SEIDO Karate Lower Hutt Dojo the special Dojo and community that it is….from our Sensei, Senpai’s, students and all our families……my HEARTFELT GRATITUDE and THANKS…OSU
A very proud and humbled teacher and friend….
Ken Szeto
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    Ken Szeto, Instructor