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Wonderful demonstration of Individual and Group Spirit – Brooklyn Dojo General Grading Saturday 9th December 2017

It was always going to be hard day at the office with Kyoshi Bruce taking the reins for todays General grading at Brooklyn Dojo…
Our group of 6 from Lower Hutt Dojo demonstrating “Wonderful Individual and Group Spirit” as each battled their way through the grading…
Congratulations to ALL who graded today, it was a challenging grading made even more so as the Dojo temperature soaring as the morning wore on…
Congratulations to you ALL….
Warmest regards
Ken Szeto

Grading Group (pictured kneeling front row): Vince Bailey, Kathy Tilley, Neev Mackenzie, Abbie Kincaid, Nicholas Hill and Issac Chia

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