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A Special Day of Firsts for our Wonderful Little Dojo – Black Belt Grading Saturday 25th November 2017

It was a special day of firsts for our wonderful little Dojo…..
Our first Dojo family grading made even more special with the attendance on the day of my first SEIDO instructor, Sei Shihan Michael Higgs (Principal Instructor SEIDO Timaru) and the privilege of being asked to take my first black belt grading by my current mentor and instructor Sei Shihan Ben Otang (Principal Instructor SEIDO Brooklyn Dojo Wellington)
All 5 black belt candidates Don, Wendy and Liam the Trimmer-Beattie family of Lower Hutt Dojo and Darshan Magan and Raven Townsend of Brooklyn Dojo giving their all throughout the entire grading and never ever looking like being defeated or giving up as challenge after challenge was placed in front of them….
A truly inspirational grading by all physically, mentally and spiritually…..
My sincere and warmest gratitude to you all, your families and friends for making the day so special….
Thank you for Sei Shihan Michael for being there and to Sei Shihan Ben for your trust and the privilege of taking my first black belt grading…
Thank you to all our SEIDO seniors, Shihan’s, Kyoshi’s, Sensei’s and Senpai’s for being there for us all at SEIDO Lower Hutt Dojo and all the grading students
Thank you to all SEIDO students, families and friends for your ever present strength of spirit and support of all who make up our growing and vibrant SEIDO family and community….
OSU to you all….Ken Szeto (a very proud instructor indeed)
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    Ken Szeto, Instructor