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Shodan Grading Success for Dojo’s favourite “Old Timer” – Saturday 26th November 2016

It was a special day indeed for the Dojo’s favourite “Old Timer” Neil Barkess….

Affectionately known as “Senpai Grumpy”…

Senpai Neil demonstrated his true grit and determination throughout a most challenging shodan grading taken by Kyoshi Avis Macadam at Wellington’s Brooklyn Dojo on Saturday 26th November…

Well supported by family, friends and fellow students the grading day ended with Neil gaining his shodan…and even managing to show all his rarely seen Neil Barkess “wry smile”….

Well done Senpai Neil and thank you to your family, friends and all our wonderful Lower Hutt students for supporting you throughout….

Warmest regards
Sensei Ken Szeto


Pictured: A proud Senpai Neil Barkess and happy supporting fellow Lower Hutt Dojo students

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