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Junior Leadership Group Students chosen for 2015

It is with pleasure that I welcome all new Junior students selected for this years 2015 Junior Leadership Group….
Welcome back also to all Junior students who enjoyed being a part of last years 2014 Junior Leadership Group that made the amazing trip to Australia to compete in the Seido Karate Australian National Tournament in Sydney….
Criteria for selection being based upon the same criteria as last year…
Criteria for selection
Dedication and commitment to training
Excellence in technique and spirit
Leadership and exemplary behaviours
Encouragement and mentoring of others
We look forward to another successful junior Leadership Group year filled with fun, challenge and success….
Well done Juniors…..


Junior Blue Belts Group 2015 Pictured left to right: Isabelle Bosworth, Joe Hyndman, John Luo, Felix Middleplaats, Kian O’Connell, Harrison Raynor Back Row: Oscar Middleplaats Absent: Callum Rudge

Seido 1

Junior Yellow Belts Group 2015 Pictured left to right: Luke Hyndman, Madelyn Dickens, Issac Chia Absent: Harrison Fink, Nicholas Hill

Seido 2

Re-selected Junior Boys Group 2015 Pictured left to right: Back Row Marcus Wong, Ryan Marson, Angus Horan Pictured left to right: Front Row Sam Kilduff, Connor Piper, Gabriel O’Connell Absent: Alex Strickland, Neihana Anderson-Clark

Seido 3

Re-selected Junior Girls Group 2015 Pictured left to right: Back Row Kerenza Robertson, Amy Turner, Abbie Kincaid, Neev Mackenzie, Nissa Mackie Pictured left to right: Front Row Stacey Mather, Emily Wong, Briley Piper

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