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“Heart, Spirit and Passion” filled Junior Grading – 6th December 2014

The early morning grading atmosphere at the Dojo was filled with the warmth and support of families, parents and students on Saturday 6th December….
OSU and KIAI resounded through the Dojo as 12 year old Neihana Anderson-Clark pushed himself beyond all expectations in front of all in attendance…
It was an amazing demonstration of “Heart, Spirit and Passion” from such a young karate-ka….a truly inspirational effort indeed….
Well done Neihana…..WOW the rewards of your grading – a brown belt and the very hard to get Whittaker’s Chocolate Milk…..How AWESOME is that…..
Ken Szeto

Pictured: left to right Neihana Anderson-Clark and Deborah Walker (mum)


Pictured: left to right Neihana Anderson-Clark and Peri Stackhouse

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    Ken Szeto, Instructor