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Group “strength and togetherness” demonstrated at Brooklyn Dojo – Saturday 6th September 2014

It was a wonderful demonstration of Group “strength and togetherness” as 5 of Lower Hutt Dojo’s senior students attempted their advanced green and advanced brown grading at Brooklyn Dojo…
Taken by Kyoshi Glenys, one of Brooklyn Dojo’s “old school” Kyoshi’s, the grading proving to be physically demanding and challenging for all…
Well supported as always by Lower Hutt Dojo families, friends and fellow students, all 5 gave their all on the day to emerge with grading success….
Thank you to all the Lower Hutt families, friends and students for their amazing support and thank you to all Brooklyn Dojo Black Belts and students for making the event an enjoyable one…
Ken Szeto

Pictured left to right: Don Beattie, Senpai Leighton Szeto, Wendy Trimmer, Liam Trimmer-Beattie, Matt Barker, Kyoshi Glenys, Hamish Horan, Peri Stackhouse and Neihana Anderson-ClarkGrading students: Wendy Trimmer, Liam Trimmer-Beattie, Matt Barker, Hamish Horan and Peri Stackhouse

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