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Dojo Junior Leadership Group Students Chosen for 2014

It is with much pleasure that I announce the list of junior students chosen for this year’s Junior Leadership Group….

With so many outstanding juniors at the Dojo the decisions on who to select were very difficult to make indeed……

Junior Leadership Group Students for 2014

Blue Belts:

Abby Kincaid, Sam Kilduff, Abby Lim, Stacy Mather, Neev MacKenzie, Ryan Marson, Gabriel O’Connell, Briley Piper, Connor Piper, Brodee Tetevano, Amy Turner and Emily Wong

Yellow Belts:

Angus Horan, Alex Strickland and Marcus Wong

Green Belts:

Neihana Anderson-Clark, Tornissa Mackie and Kerenza Robertson

Criteria for selection

The students above were chosen based upon a variety of criteria:

·         Dedication and commitment to training

·         Excellence in technique and spirit

·         Leadership and exemplary behaviours

·         Encouragement and mentoring of others

Our Goal for 2014

To compete in the Seido Karate Australian National Tournament in Sydney in November

We Need your Help……

Help us get to Sydney to compete in the Seido Australian National Tournament to be held on the 15th of November this year…..

Each student needs to raise approximately $1,200 to cover their costs for flights and accommodation

We realise that the timeframes are rather short and the fundraising exercise will be a challenging one for them all….

How You Can Help Us…..

There are a number of fundraising activities that we have planned to assist the students with covering their flight and accommodation costs….

·         Movie Nights at the Dojo – Monthly Family Movie nights at the Dojo

·         Saturday morning sausage sizzles and cake stalls at the Dojo- every weekend until the trip

·         Seleni Wines Packages  – Specials coming soon

·         Cadbury’s Chocolate Packages – Specials coming soon

·         Donations – all greatly appreciated no matter how small

·         Corporate Sponsorship – Get your company logo on our next huge run of Dojo bags and jackets and posted on our website as a Dojo Corporate Sponsor

Leaders and High Level Achievers of the Future

The students have trained hard all year and would dearly love to get to compete at the tournament….

They are all potential leaders and high level achievers of the future and the opportunity for them to compete on the international sporting stage at such young ages would be a great achievement in itself…

Help us to make this opportunity happen and for it to be a stepping stone for these outstanding youngsters……

Thank you for your wonderful support of the Dojo and all our amazing junior students…

My kindest regards

Ken Szeto

Email: szeto.ken.tracy@xtra.co.nz for any Sponsorship enquiries



































































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