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Chance meeting with a most wonderful family at Brisbane Airport – 17th April 2014

It was the best of chance meetings….
On a recent trip to Brisbane with my lovely wife Tracy, I was lucky to have had a chance meeting with the most wonderful of former families of the Lower Hutt Dojo….
The Feagaiga family of Vao, Fea, Marcus and Damian moved to Brisbane in April 2012 and it was so nice to give them all big hugs at Brisbane Airport as we waited for our check in activities…
One of my all time favourite juniors Damian has grown into a very handsome and mature young man…and his older brother Marcus excelling with his sports by being chosen to attend a representative softball camp in Auckland over the Easter Holiday period…
Great to see you all looking so well and doing so well living in Brisbane….hope to see you all sometime again sometime soon….
Love to you all
Ken Szeto
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